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Lyon a source of artistic inspiration

Lyon is a source of inspiration for contemporary art creations.

JPEGI’m from Los Angeles California. The city of the angels and the faces of the world. I came to Lyon a couple of years ago. Lyon is a source of inspiration for my contemporary creations. The inspiration comes from the beauty of the city’s palette of colors, the density, flow and the international mingling of its people moving in the city, the architecture and the subtle skyline. I feel the art in the air.

When I walk into Fourvière I feel the spirituality of the structure. I can feel God living in the structure and I’m not a religious person.

In my search for an apartment home, one step into a room my imagination can recreate the stories embedded in the walls, the history of the joys and sorrows of those who have lived there. There are centuries of stories that vibrate in each room.

The paintings for the international expatriate expo evolved from this admixture of imagination and my sense of place in Lyon. In particular the three women painting captures the diversity of color and humanity in the city. They come from every background and culture. They feel the currents of life flowing in Lyon; happiness, confusion, enthusiasm, disappointment, conquests and pleasures. Each has their individual struggles and triumphs.

At the start of the three women painting, thoughts of my best friends in the United States of American flooded my senses. Each woman is totally different in how they live, believe and love. Their lifestyles while unique have strong universal connections. We are one; individual yet with solidarity.

It is the genius of a culture when it can incorporate all these differences. It creates a dynamism. One feels energized and hopeful. One need not be the same to make a lasting human connection.

As you look at the women, one is sensitive, introverted, one is strong and outgoing, while the other exotic. The face that is forward she is the strongest. One is looking to the future and the other to the past. Being present is being full face, direct eyes and it takes all to be able to adapt to a new city, culture and nation.

The question always remains what will each individual do? What and how will the group change and how can a host city or nation particate by placing us in their timeline of history, on the walls of their mind, heart and soul?

I wonder what new stories will be embedded in the ancient walls of Lyon to be told in the next generation of artists who come? Will my Lyon inspiration be discovered by another and placed within their imagination? I hope so.

Tuesday 17 November, 2009 | Rita McCormack


Lyon is home to a number of truly exceptional art galleries, with the Musée des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) being a true highlight and reputed to be second only to the famous Louvre in Paris. Art lovers in Lyon should also look out for the Musée d’Art Contemporain, where modern works of art, including both paintings and sculptures, are displayed to their best advantage in stylish surroundings. ar

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