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Nouvelle Donne

Nouvelle Donne is a national association created in Lyon in 1992 and which has been reorganized in 2001.

In 2001, three other associations Nouvelle Donne have emerged in Ile de France, Grenoble and Lille. Then in late 2009, an initiative has taken shape in Strasbourg with the creation of Nouvelle Donne Alsace.

Nowadays, a network of five associations Nouvelle Donne is able to support people wishing to accelerate their return to another job.

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- Boost and support people who want to find or regain employment.
- Help people in their job seeking thanks to a weekly group meeting of five persons, led by five companions.
- Provide support and assistance in a friendly environment .


- Reflection and action: understanding the changing labor market and share best practices to adapt
- Realism and pragmatism: Take into account the reality of the labor market to change perceptions and gain new employment practices research.
- Efficiency and Solidarity: To ensure the effectiveness of job searches by the implementation of sustained activity and group solidarity.

Contact: Patrick Delannoy

Centre Berthelot 16, avenue Berthelot - 69007 Lyon

Phone : 04 78 69 86 75


Wednesday 25 August, 2010

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