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TCL Lyon’s Métro, Funiculars, Trams, Trolleys and Buses

Lyon has one of the best affordable public transportation system’s in all of France. It is easy to understand and makes exploring the city enjoyable. Tickets can be purchased from electronic kiosks. They do not accept paper money (only coins) and foreign credit cards are likely to be rejected.

The city of Lyon has a well integrated public transportation system known as the "TCL" with a mission for not only rapid transit, but also to decrease the use of cars to be environmentally friendly.

You can choose from a number of transportation modes: Métro, tramway, trolley, funicular, bus, and last but not least, Velo’v, Lyon’s bicycles sharing program.

PNG - 21.6 kb
TCL Lyon’s Métro, Funiculars, Trams, Trolleys and Buses
  • 4 metro lines
  • 5 tram lines
  • + 100 bus and trolleybus
  • 2 lines of funicular

Park for Free

For stress-free tours of the city and to avoid traffic jams, TCL has set up 21 Park & Ride facilities in Greater Lyon. They are all located near a TCL station, they facilitate access to public transport: you park your vehicle like in a pay car park and continue your journey without stress by metro, bus or tram. To take advantage of this service free of charge, you need to have a valid TCL transport ticket.

Be Courteous You & Your Pet

For everyone’s comfort, people travelling on the TCL network must keep the facilities clean, refrain from smoking and give up their seats to elderly people, pregnant women or women with young children. The only animals allowed on the TCL network are guide dogs for the blind and small animals carried in baskets.

The Métro The métro consists of four lines, A, B, C and D. Each line can be identified on maps by a different colours:

Lyon TCL Métro System

Line A: Full length from Perrache (Railway Station) - Vaulx en Velin La Soie. The line crosses the river Rhône inside the Morand-Bridge. Line A will be automated in 2017.

JPEG metro

Line B: Charpennes - Part Dieu (Railway Station) - Stade de Gerland. The southern part to Jean Macé opened in 1981. A further extension to Oullins is expected to open in 2013 and it will also be fully automated with the same system as line D.

Line C - Hôtel de Ville - Cuire. One of Europe’s steepest metro station: Croix-Paquet (a gradient of 17%). 2-car trains use the rack between Hôtel de Ville and Croix-Rousse.

JPEG Funicular

Line D: Gare de Vaise - Gare de Vénissieux. This line is the first large-profile totally automated metro line in the world. The so called ’Maggaly’ system (Métro automatique à grand gabarit de l’agglomération lyonnaise) allows a frequency of 2 minutes between trains.

JPEG Metro D Line

Trains all have a similar design although they might use a different system (rack railway and adhesive (line C) and rubber-tires (lines A, B and automated D). Traffic is on the left side. Seats are comfortable and the systel is mostly clean. Stations are announced before each stop. In the summer lines A and B are very hot as there is no air conditioning.

Funiculars There are two funicular lines which both start at Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) metro station. The line to Fourvière is more of a tourist type, whereas the other to Saint Just with an intermediate stop at Minimes for the Roman theatres is a real metro extension with trains every 5 minutes between the city centre and the neighborhood of Saint Just.

Lyon Tram {JPEG}

Trams and Trolley Lines There are four tramway lines (T1, T2, T3 and T4) and three trolley lines (C1, C2 and C3) in Lyon. click here for a complete map Unlike the Métro, riders have to validate their own tickets on the tram and trolley.

Tickets Purchasing tickets is simple, convenient and again, with a variety of options to accommodate diverse needs. Tickets validation machines can be found near the doors. Don’t forget this step as officers from the TCL, Lyon’s public transportation agency, frequently carry out random checks.

JPEG Ticket

Riders can pay by cash or card with a smart chip. A single ride costs €1.70 but if you buy it on the bus it will cost you 2€. A single ticket is valid for one hour and limited to three changes across the different modes of transport.

A booklet Carnets — packs of 10 tickets — are the best buy costs normal : 14.70€ for students: 12,90€ and for big families ( families with 3 or more children): 10,40 .

A day pass, at €5, allows unlimited number of rides on the Métro, tramway, trolley, funicular and bus.

TCL Campus Subscriptions

Pass Scolaire

Lyon Trolly Inside {JPEG}

TCL Monthly Pass

  • Pass Scolaire annuel - 200 €/an middle to high school students (collégiens et lycéens) who live in Lyon
  • Pass scolaire Annuel tarif réduit - 84 €/an pre-school to elementary school students (maternelles, primaires) who live in Lyon
  • City Pass - 53.70 €/mois
  • City Pass Age d’Or - 28.10 €/mo older than -5 ans.


Lyon TCM Mobile Apps

Android go to Google Play iPhone go to iTunes

Metro Lyon (subway) iPhone and iPod Touch Application {JPEG}

The TCL App allows you to calculate the shortest path between two stations : you select a start station and a finish station and the application will show you : the path between the stations, the number of connections , the estimated duration and the steps of your path. You can see a station on the city map with Google Maps (without exiting the application).

Buses Many buses circulate in the city. Some go out to neighboring towns and the suburbs of Lyon. Buses usually take the longest time, but they often go the furthest and to places where other types of transport do not.

Maps and Schedule Métro and tramway stations have comprehensive maps of all the Métro, tramway, trolley, and bus routes. Free copies of these maps and bus schedules are available at all TCL branch offices.

Rates of fines:

  • Payment of fine immediately to the inspector: 48 € (payment by cheque or cash).
  • Payment within a maximum period of 7 days starting on the date of the fine: 52€
  • Payment after 7 days and within 2 months from the date of the fine: 86 €
  • Immediate payment for a incomplete or invalid pass: 32 €
  • Payment within a maximum period of 7 days for a incomplete or invalid pass: 70 €
  • Payment after 7 days for a incomplete or invalid pass: 180€

Non-payment of the fine during the 2 months following the fine: the case goes to tribunal. An increased fine of 180€ is recoverable by the Trésor Public.

Monday 2 June, 2014 | Donna Willis


The TCL website has electronic versions of maps and schedules, As well as minutely updated information on delays, route changes, and more. You can download the maps from their website and also plan you trips.


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